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Rhino Dive excels in all salvage and recovery work of vessels, equipment and objects both large and small throughout Australia.

To bring an object to the surface from any depth, the use of air bags are utilised.

Air bags are a very efficient tool for salvaging items from underwater, however further techniques and apparatus can be used in order to ensure the complete retrieval of the object is successful.

Rhino dive, as part of The Bunbury Desalination Project, has just completed the recovery of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

The 135 tonne TBM was 15.5 metres long and 3 metres in diameter. The TBM first had to be uncovered as it lay 10 meters below the seabed. A crane barge with a clam bucket was used to excavate the bulk of material away followed by diver operated airlifts and dredges to finally uncover the TBM.

At that point the TBM was separated from the tunnel and lifting lugs were attached and set to the correct tourque.

Large winches mounted to the barge were attached to a spreader beam that had slings spaced for the divers to connect to the lifting lugs.

The TBM was winched to the surface and held in position as the barge was towed back to port where it was transferred to two land cranes and loaded onto a truck.

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