Wet Welding & Broco Cutting

Rhino dive employs trade-qualified divers and are able to provide efficient and certified wet welds. We also carry out underwater

Diverweldingcutting using The Broco Ultrathermic Cutting System.

The advantages to wet welding are numerous. These include not only the freedom to move about but also you can complete tasks faster, it is more cost effective and welders are readily available for deployment.

When in a wetsuit, the diver/welder has the opportunity to be able to reach every nook and cranny in an underwater structure such as an oilrig. A few disadvantages of wet welding consist of metal quenching, hydrogen embrittlement and poor visibility.

The BROCO Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System Uses consumable rods that burn at over 5500 C.They have the ability to cut or melt virtually any known material including steel, cast iron, stainless steel, brass and concrete.

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